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亚洲体育app投注baylor boarding school students enjoy a thriving community where they can learn and grow both academically and personally. from their classes to dorm life to various on and off-campus activities, baylor students enjoy many opportunities to grow important character traits and life skills while having fun and making memories they'll cherish for years to come.

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Advantages of Boarding School

at baylor, we have both day students and boarding students. if you're considering sending your student to live and study at baylor, there are some great reasons to make that decision. many parents and students are thrilled with their decision to choose boarding school when they see the results. boarding school offers some significant advantages to students that they may not benefit from at a day school. at baylor, we see our students benefiting from the following boarding school advantages:

  • Greater focus: When a student attends boarding school, their life is built around their school. Because their community and fun activities are all centered on their academic studies, students are inclined to prioritize school and give it the focus it deserves. Students also have the advantage of libraries, labs and other facilities they can access after school hours, so they can study effectively. Learning in this environment can help students realize their full potential academically.
  • Higher academic achievement: With peers who are deeply invested in their own education, smaller class sizes and other key factors, boarding school can help a student achieve more academically. If your student plans to attend college, boarding school is more likely to help them prepare and propel them forward, so they can enjoy a successful post-secondary academic career. Some Baylor students even go on to attend ivy league universities.
  • Increased independence: Most students only begin to learn to live independently when they go to college. In high school, many students still rely on their parents for help with homework, chores and other essential tasks. Boarding school students have a leg up on their peers since they get to develop their independence earlier. For example, Baylor students learn effective study habits for successful life-long learning. This also makes for an easier transition into college life.
  • Diverse student body: Whereas traditional middle schools and high schools consist of students who all live in the same local area, at Baylor, students get to take classes and engage in activities with students from all over the nation. They'll even get to know international students from various countries across the globe. This level of diversity can help students develop greater cultural sensitivity and broaden their perspectives.
  • Personal development: In addition to sharpening their academic skills and growing in independence, Baylor students also have the opportunity to grow holistically as people. The values we strive to instill are honesty, respect, spirituality, leadership, academics, character and individuality.

Personal Growth Opportunities

亚洲体育app投注how do we help our students grow as individuals? at baylor, we take great care to impart to our students:

  • Opportunities to contribute responsibly and ethically to the school and dorms.
  • Skills that allow for feelings of self-worth and effectiveness as students deal with daily responsibilities and challenges.
  • Social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • A knowledge base and skills that encourage positive, safe, health-protective behaviors.

we also provide each student with an academic advisor who checks in several times throughout the week to help them overcome challenges and achieve their personal goals. overall, at baylor, we create an environment where young adults can thrive. under the caring supervision and mentorship of our faculty and staff, baylor students can start to develop a stronger sense of responsibility and self-confidence that will help them step forward into adulthood.

The Baylor Community

our residential life program helps you reach your full potential. we believe that students learn during the day through their classes, but their education and growth continues after hours in our residential community.

亚洲体育app投注the sense of community that exists in baylor's residential life program starts with an exceptional team of "dorm parents," who are teachers that oversee our residence halls. to keep schedules and activities on track, dorm parents work with prefects — student leaders who help fellow students with everything from homesickness to homework. they also help plan some of the most fun events on campus, including the “clash” dorm competition and the legendary skit night during baylor-mccallie week, inspired by our most intensive football rivalry.

there are plenty of opportunities for students to enjoy social time at baylor. the frierson student center is the main hub for student life on campus. it's the perfect place to hang out with friends or enjoy a snack or smoothie from miss kitty’s grill. there are plenty of other places to relax or enjoy time with friends, too, such as the dining hall and dorms.

Students can also get involved in student clubs and organizations亚洲体育app投注, of which there are more than 60! Whether it's a Bible study group, computer club, Swing dance club or readers' circle, clubs and organizations are a great way to find "your people" on campus and connect with friends who share your interests or goals.

亚洲体育app投注living in a community together can help students develop strong bonds and support each other's personal growth and education. baylor students often forge friendships that can last a lifetime. the strength and support of our boarding community allow you to grow in ways most students won’t experience until college. with the baylor family behind you, just about anything is possible.

Weekend and Daily Activities

亚洲体育app投注there are two malls, five movie theaters, roller skating rinks, paintball facilities, galleries, cafes, boutiques, horseback riding fields and hundreds of other things to do within twenty minutes of campus throughout hixson, signal mountain and the rest of the chattanooga area. our student activities team takes full advantage of these incredible resources by scheduling events and activities throughout the week and especially on weekends.

亚洲体育app投注students are encouraged to check their email and to stop by the student center for updates on activities and outings. plus, our student activities staff is more than happy to help students organize an event or activity that meets their interests! we make it near impossible for students to suffer from boredom. instead, they can balance their commitment to schoolwork with fun and engaging activities outside of classes.


亚洲体育app投注it is difficult to give an accurate picture of a “typical” day at baylor. schedules are based on a student's interests, grade level and their extracurricular activities. below is a basic daily schedule:

  • 7:30 am - Breakfast
  • 8:00 am - Extra Help with faculty
  • 8:40 am - 3:30 pm - Class
  • 4 pm - Afternoon activity or athletics
  • 5:30 pm - 7 pm - Dinner
  • 8 pm -10 pm - Study Hours
  • 10 pm – 11 pm - Finish homework
  • 11 pm - Lights Out

Why Students and Parents Love the Location

baylor's campus is situated between the tennessee river and baylor lake. all that beautiful, sparkling water, along with immaculate landscaping, plenty of trees and impressive architecture, makes the baylor campus an idyllic place to learn and grow. plan a visit to our campus and you'll see what we mean.

as if our amazing campus isn't enough, baylor is fortunate to be located only three miles from a downtown area that offers a whole host of options for dining, entertainment and educational fun. you'll have no shortage of things to do with your student when you plan a visit. some highlights include river cruises, the tennessee aquarium, museums and art galleries, as well as rock city gardens and many other scenic places for outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking.

for a more laid-back time, catch a movie or enjoy the ambiance at one of chattanooga's coffee houses. there are also enough restaurants that choosing the best place to eat can become a delicious dilemma.

sports fans enjoy the fact that chattanooga scores big with the lookouts minor league baseball team, division i college athletics, and an annual lineup of national softball, soccer, and tennis tournaments. plus, the surrounding mountains and waterways are a breathtaking backdrop for every outdoor sport, from whitewater rafting to mountain biking.

Easy Accessibility Through Direct Flights

another reason our location works well for families is because we are easily accessible for people both near and far geographically. in addition to being within easy driving distance for many families within the tri-state area, chattanooga is also easy to get to by plane, thanks to the chattanooga metropolitan airport (cha). our students hail from a long list of u.s. states. some students even cross international borders to attend baylor.

some baylor families enjoy the convenience of direct flights to chattanooga from their home cities. this includes major cities like new york, chicago, washington d.c. and many others. some families even enjoy fast, nonstop flights to and from chattanooga. a great example is families living in atlanta, georgia, who can get to chattanooga by plane in under an hour. check your nearby airport or airports to see just how easy it is for you to get to chattanooga.

Come See Why Our Students Love Living and Learning at Baylor

If you want to see for yourself why our students love being part of the community at Baylor, explore the other pages on our site and plan a visit to our campus. You can enjoy the abundance of fun activities here in Chattanooga during your stay and tour our beautiful campus to learn more about life at Baylor.

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